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Childhood Cavities: The Most Common Causes of Tooth Decay

May 20, 2020

Childhood Cavities: The Most Common Causes of Tooth Decay

When it comes to oral hygiene in young children, one of the most common ailments is tooth decay – or cavities. The breakdown of enamel in young teeth occurs much more frequently than in our adult lives, largely due to factors such as improper care and the consumption of detrimental foods and beverages. The best way to combat the issue is by understanding first what the most common causes of tooth decay are and second, how to prevent it from occurring.

Who Is at Risk for Cavities?

The first step to combating tooth decay is to understand the risks that can increase your child’s chances for cavities. While everyone who has teeth is at risk for developing decay, there are certain factors that are more often found in children and can be modified or changed in order to reduce that risk.

Though all teeth are susceptible to cavities, the back teeth tend to be at the highest risk of developing decay. This is due in large part to their uneven surfaces that allow trouble foods and beverages to settle in them for longer periods of time. Other risks include children who have feedings or meals closer to bedtime, or who do not practice proper cleaning techniques. All of which combine to create higher risks for developing cavities.

The Most Common Causes of Tooth Decay

By now, you’ve likely heard that one of the largest contributors to childhood cavities stems from their diets – specifically, sugar. Since sugars tend to stick to the surface of the teeth for much longer than other foods, they are much more likely to develop into a more serious decay situation in children. Unfortunately, cutting out sweets and candies is just the tip of the iceberg – and not even the only source for sugar concerns.

In general, any type of food that can wedge in your teeth after swallowing a bite, can potentially cause more damage and decay. Yes, this includes candy, but it can also include items such as cereals, cookies, chips, fruit snacks, dried fruits, and even sugary vitamins (gummy vitamins in particular). Lesser known hazards include sugary drinks (juice, soda, full sugar electrolyte drinks, etc.), milk, honey, and other snacks like pretzels and crackers. Foods high in carbohydrates are another enemy of tooth enamel as well as foods and beverages given too close to bed such as allowing a child to fall asleep with a bottle.

How to Prevent Childhood Cavities

With so many potential risks for childhood cavities, teaching your little ones the best oral hygiene habits from the start is the key to preventing decay. While avoiding certain foods that put children at higher risk is part of the equation, helping them understand and practice proper care for their teeth is the most important part.

Make sure your child is brushing adequately at least twice a day, paying close attention to the gum line where plaque and tarter build up most. They should also be flossing to clean between the teeth and can add mouthwash as an added layer of cleaning protection as well. Other preventative measures include drinking plenty of water (to help wash away any food or acidic remnants) and be sure to stay current with regular dentist visits. Your dental professional will be able to answer any questions you may have and even offer further protective measures such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Visit

May 13, 2020

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Whether you’re preparing for your child’s first dental visit or you’re planning ahead, you likely have a few questions. Oftentimes parents find themselves wondering not only when to bring their child in for their first checkup, but also, what to expect in anticipation of an upcoming appointment. Knowing a few basic details ahead of time can help simplify the process and ensure your child is getting the best possible oral care.

When Should You Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Visit?

One of the most common questions parents have for us is, “When should I schedule my child’s first visit to the dentist?” They are often surprised to learn that a child’s first trip to the dentist is usually recommended to occur before or around their first birthday, but the general rule of thumb is to schedule it within 6 months of seeing their first tooth appear.

It may not seem important to bring your little one in for a single tooth, but it is a fantastic opportunity to ensure your child’s oral health is off to a proper start. The recommendation to visit a dental professional from the very first tooth allows parents, children, and the medical community to work together to build healthy teeth and healthy habits from day one. It also allows for a non-invasive visit for the initial meeting, which lets kids build a more trusted relationship with their dentists as well.

How to Prepare for a Young Child’s Dentist Appointment

Prior to bringing your little one in for the first time, you may wonder if there’s anything you should do to prepare for the visit. In short, there’s really not much you need to do before bringing your child in for their visit other than a few simple things to ensure you have the proper forms and documentation you’ll need.

Since this will be your child’s first time as a patient in the office, they will likely need you to complete a few new patient information forms, giving the staff the pertinent background data needed to add them to the system. You’ll also want to be sure you have your insurance information available at the time of your child’s appointment, but that’s really all there is in terms of preparation.  

What to Expect During Your Child’s First Visit

Depending upon the age of your child and the stage of dental growth they are in at the time of the visit, your child’s first appointment should be fairly quick and simple with minimal treatment. In most cases, this visit is simply an opportunity for your child’s dentist to meet with you and introduce themselves, while taking a quick peak and setting up a healthy oral hygiene plan with you.

The first visit, when done within 6 months of the appearance of the first tooth, is generally focused on helping you set up the best dental practices for your child while also affording a chance to do a quick look for any potential oral issues early on. Your child’s dentist will likely look for any signs of decay or issues with gum health or other tissues, but overall, it is simply your first opportunity to lay the foundation for proper oral care for years to come.

Discover How You Can Achieve a New Smile with Dental Implants

November 3, 2019

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a mouth with a dental implant

When choosing how to replace your missing teeth, you can opt for a solution that is less invasive and requires more frequent replacements such as dentures or a fixed bridge, or you can invest in a longer-lasting, durable, and fully functional option like dental implants in Lancaster. Patients who choose the latter experience great success, and so can you, but first, you might want to know more about what you can expect from this surgical procedure. To find out, read on to learn about each phase and how you’ll achieve your new and improved smile.


4 Tips to Extend The Lifespan of Your Veneers

October 23, 2019

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person getting food out of their refrigerator

After researching veneers in Lancaster, you think they’re the perfect cosmetic solution to refresh your damaged and discolored smile. In as few as three visits to your dentist, you’ll have a symmetrical, bright, and straight grin that you won’t want to wait to show off to your friends and family. When you make an investment in your grin, it makes sense that you would want to make it last as long as possible. To keep your veneers looking clean, white, and healthy, it’s best to take a few precautionary measures. Read on to learn how to preserve your beautiful smile so it can last for years to come.


Nervous to Get a Root Canal? Sedation Can Help

September 19, 2019

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girl receiving sedation dentistry in Lancaster

Every time you take a sip of some delicious hot coffee, it sends a jolt of pain through one of your teeth. However, you have a serious fear of the dentist. You summon all your courage to go get it looked at, but then they tell you that you need a root canal in Lancaster. What exactly is a root canal? Can you get sedation dentistry to make the whole thing easier? Continue reading to find out.


7 Signs You Might Need a Root Canal in Lancaster

July 15, 2019

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rendering of a root canal

For many people, the words “root canal” are some of the scariest words in the English language. The procedure has a reputation of being painful. However, the pain associated with those words actually comes from the pain they experience before treatment. The procedure itself doesn’t hurt any more than getting a simple filling. But what exactly is a root canal? And how do you know when you need a root canal in Lancaster? Let’s look at 7 signs that a root canal may be necessary.


Here’s How to Find the Best Family Dentist in Lancaster

April 12, 2019

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Family smiling together

Finding the right dentist for you and your family can lead to quality oral healthcare for years, and even decades to come. But how do you know which family dentist in Lancaster is the best one for you? When looking for a new dental practice, there are some essential factors to keep in mind to ensure that you pick a dentist that’s best for you and your loved ones. It’s important to find a practice that you not only enjoy going to, but it should also be somewhere that your kids feel comfortable and happy. The more positive experiences that your kids have early on, the more likely they are to continue to care for their oral health as they grow.


Family Dentist In Lancaster Gives Tips For National Children’s Dental Health Month!

February 12, 2019

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Little Boy Getting a Dental Exam

Did you know that an estimated 42% of children ages 2-11 have untreated cavities? Unfortunately, cavities not only affect your child’s smile now but in the future as well. Since February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, it’s a great time to learn about the importance of good oral health in the early years and how you can prevent problems from the start. Not only will you minimize the amount of dental work your child needs from a family dentist in Lancaster,you’ll also help them have a healthy smile for life!


A Dentist Compares Dentures vs Dental Implants in Lancaster

January 16, 2019

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Dental implant

Do you avoid smiling or eating around others because you worry that they might notice your missing tooth? You are not alone. In fact, nearly 70% of adults aged 35 to 44 in the United States have one or more missing teeth, according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in modern dental care there is now a range of options to restore your smile, including dentures and dental implants. Want to know which option is right for you? Find out below why dental implants in Lancaster are the best long-term solution to replace missing teeth.


Ring in the New Year with a New Smile with a Cosmetic Dentist in Lancaster

December 29, 2018

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Confetti woman smile

The new year is coming. Are you ready for it? Do you have any big plans and dreams that you want to pursue this year? Perhaps one of the things you want for 2019 is a new and improved smile. After all, it’s one of the first things that people notice about you. Unlike with the typical resolutions that end up in failure in February, don’t give up on your goal of a perfect smile. Start the new year off right by talking to a cosmetic dentist in Lancaster about how you can transform your teeth and boost your confidence in 2019.

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