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Sedation Level 3: What is IV Sedation Dentistry and What to Expect

January 17, 2021

Sedation Level 3: What is IV Sedation Dentistry and What to Expect

If you’re one of the millions of people who experience severe anxiety over the thought of a trip to the dentist, sedation dentistry may be a viable option for you. For those who dread the idea of having an overdue dental procedure done, it’s important to know there are comfort solutions to help you calm your nerves and make the experience a lot more bearable. Whether you need to see a dentist for tooth pain, emergency dentistry, or a more complex oral procedure, sedation dentistry could be a great option for you.

What Is Level 3 Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry itself is the process of using various medications to help the patient reach a certain level of comfort and relaxation prior to a dental procedure. Just as you receive anesthesia for different medical processes, anesthesia can also be used for dental practices.

Based on the severity of a patient’s anxiety and the extent of the required oral procedures, there are different methods for sedation as well as varying levels of medications used. Depending upon the complexity of the procedure and the patient’s comfort levels, sedation can be given in smaller oral doses on up to larger, intravenous doses and methods. These are all classified as different levels of sedation according to state regulations.

IV Sedation for Tooth Pain and Lengthy Dental Procedures

Whether you’re seeking dental care for persistent tooth pain or need to schedule a more complex procedure such as implants or crowns, your dental professional can help you determine if and what level of sedation could work for you.

Understanding the levels is the first step:

  • Level 1 – the first level of sedation is generally a low dose of medication issued in pill form. It can be taken prior to your visit and wears off rather quickly.
  • Level 2 – the second level is known as Moderate Enteral Sedation. This level is also taken orally in most cases but utilizes a slightly stronger dosage to put the patient in a deeper state of relaxation, while still remaining conscious.
  • Level 3 – the third level is referred to as Moderate Parenteral Sedation. Similar to level 2, level 3 is considered moderate in terms of its overall depressive conscious effect it induces. The difference, however, is that this form is given through an IV in order to more closely monitor and maintain the relaxed state throughout the duration of the visit.
  • Level 4 – this is utilized only for the most invasive procedures. Essentially, level 4 is equivalent to the general anesthesia you would receive prior to any medical surgery to achieve the deepest level of sedation.

Still have questions? Talk to our dental professionals at your local Lancaster Dentist office for more information on which level may be right for you.

Sedation and Emergency Dentistry

Dental visits can cause a great deal of anxiety for many patients, but when you add in the stress of emergency situations, the fear can be overwhelming. Sedation dentistry can be used as a good way to help the patient feel more comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

Don’t fret Emergency Dentist Lancaster procedures. Give us a call today to see how sedation processes could help you make your visit much more comfortable!

How Restorative Dentists Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

December 29, 2020

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How Restorative Dentists Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

Dental restoration processes can be a confusing topic to many patients since it is so broad and often referred to as either restorative dentistry or prosthodontic dentistry. The terms are often used interchangeably and can bring about many questions with patients.

In general, restorative dentistry is any dental process which attempts to correct or improve the overall oral health of patients. This can mean a wide range of dental procedures, which makes it easy to understand the confusion for some. So, just what is restorative dentistry?

What Do Restorative Dentists Do?

Regardless to which terminology your dental professional uses to describe this type of dentistry, restorative dentists are focused on replacing missing teeth and improving the overall health of your mouth by closing gaps that could lead to weakened enamel. In short, it’s the process of either repairing damaged teeth or replacing missing or severely damaged teeth.

This practice is broad because it can include a wide range of procedures, including:

  • Removal and/or repair of cavity-ridden teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Treating teeth issues due to injury or trauma
  • Treatment options for various oral conditions that cause disease or decay

Treatment processes this broad lend to a broad scope of restorative procedures. Though there are many topics that fall under the umbrella of restorative dentistry, the one thing they have in common is this:

Restorative dentists are focused on replacing and repairing teeth, as needed, in order to improve the patient’s overall oral health for the long run.

Benefits of Our Restorative Services

At Lancaster Family Dental, our restorative services are designed to address each patient’s individual needs and help find the right dental solution for both your oral health as well as your financial health. We are here to walk you through the process and are devoted to giving you the highest quality oral restoration services.

Our cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff are on hand to provide you with the best possible restorative dentistry solutions, including:

  • Dental Implants. These are permanent tooth replacement procedures that fuse an artificial tooth “root” to your jawbone in order to affix a new tooth.
  • Dentures. A less permanent option than implants, dentures are a set of false teeth that are removable.
  • Bonding Processes. In the case of partially damaged or chipped teeth, bonding allows for a portion of the tooth to be recreated using composite resins to match the natural tooth.
  • Dental Crowns. These are used restore a tooth that has been significantly decayed or destroyed by various means. They involve “capping” a tooth with a full-coverage surface that restructures the existing tooth to its natural shape.
  • Cavity Fillings. This is probably the most common of our restorative services. This process is focused on removing the decayed material caused by cavities and protect the remaining tooth by restoring the integrity of its structure with a filling.

Contact Us Today for a Consultation

Whatever your dental concerns may be, we are here to help! Give us a call or visit our online homepage for more information on what Lancaster Family Dental can do for you.

Dental Implants: A Look at the Benefits and Risks

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Dental Implants: A Look at the Benefits and Risks

Whether you’re dealing with severe tooth decay, periodontal disease, or tooth loss due to injury or trauma, you’ve likely considered dental implants. For thousands of local residents, finding a solution to missing teeth can bring many questions and concerns surrounding the plethora of options available.

For decades, the only choices for tooth replacements came by way of dentures or bridges which didn’t allow for truly secure or permanent teeth flexibility. Dental implants have closed the gap on this issue – literally. So just what are dental implants and how do you know if you’re a good candidate for them?

What Are Dental Implants and Are They Right for Me?

To decide if implants are a good fit for you, it’s important to first understand what they are and how they function. Essentially, dental implants are a permanent artificial replacement option for the roots of your teeth, allowing for a secure foundation for new artificial teeth.

Since dental implants are affixed directly into the jawline, they create a firm base for dental professionals to attach perfectly matched artificial teeth. This base is actually fused to your bone structure, ensuring your new teeth are as securely fixed as your natural teeth.

The Pros and Cons of Tooth Replacements

If you’re considering dental implants to correct a missing tooth issue, weighing the pros and cons of the procedure can help you with your decision. Here are some of the most common benefits our patients experience after having dental implants added:

  • Longevity. Since they’re fused with your jawbone, dental implants offer the most secure and permanent solution for replacement teeth. They are extremely durable and last substantially longer than other options like dentures or bridges.
  • Comfort and Convenience. With their secure foundation, implants allow for a much more comfortable fit than options that are removeable. They also make eating much easier without the fear of teeth slipping.
  • Speech Improvements. With missing teeth or replacements such as dentures that can move, our speech can often suffer. This can lead to slurring words or even a stutter or other impediment. Having a solid, full tooth structure allows for improved speech.
  • Overall Oral Health and Appearance Improvements. Since implants do not require your oral professional to alter the nearby teeth in any way like other procedures do, they cause less damage and promote the overall health of your teeth in general. In addition, they are carefully matched to your existing teeth, allowing for an improved physical appearance as well.

Finding a Professional for Dental Implants Lancaster

If you’re looking for dental implants Lancaster, our professional and friendly staff is here to help guide you through the process. We have helped thousands of patients improve their smiles and quality of life through dental implants and are happy to do the same for you!

To discuss your tooth replacement options and determine if dental implants are right for you, give us a call or visit us today!

Do I Need a Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure?

November 30, 2020

Do I Need a Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure?

Many patients assume the only reason to have a wisdom teeth extraction performed is to avoid overcrowding of their teeth. While this can be one reason for the procedure, it is far from the only reason. The fact is your wisdom teeth could surprisingly be at the root of many underlying health issues. So how do you know if you need to contact your DeSoto area dentist for a wisdom teeth extraction procedure?

What Is a Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure?

To put it simply, a wisdom teeth extraction procedure is simply the removal of one, or all, of your wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to emerge from the very back of your gums, usually during the teen years. Since many of us have already undergone corrective oral alignment processes such as braces; an extra set of incoming teeth can understandably pose a problem with overcrowding an otherwise set of straight and healthy teeth.

While this overcrowding is one of the most common reasons to have the wisdom teeth removed, there are several other issues that can add to the extraction necessity as well. Knowing what to look for when determining if you should schedule a wisdom teeth extraction, can help you make a timely decision and minimize potential health issues or discomfort.

What Are the Signs You May Need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

Other than creating a crowded gumline, your incoming wisdom teeth can be the root of many other health issues as well. If you’re debating whether to schedule that extraction, here are a few of the most common issues caused by emerging wisdom teeth:

  • Sinus Pain and Pressure. Few patients realize this, but your sinuses have a strong connection to your dental health. Oftentimes, painful and congested sinuses could be an indication of oral health issues. Many patients experience sinus pressure relief after having a wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Jaw and Gumline Pain. Since wisdom teeth often grow in compacted – or toward your other teeth – instead of straight in, it can cause severe pain and discomfort as they emerge. If you notice pain while chewing, brushing, or even speaking, it could be caused by incoming wisdom teeth.
  • Inflammation and Sores. If your wisdom teeth are left to grow without proper professional care and preventative measures, it can lead to extreme oral pain and discomfort. If you notice swollen gums or cysts forming at the gumline, it’s highly important to speak with your Lancaster dentist about a wisdom teeth extraction.

How to Find a Trusted Local Dentist for Your Tooth Extraction

If you experience any form of discomfort – whether directly related to incoming wisdom teeth or not – it’s imperative to talk to our team of dental professionals today. Wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common oral procedures done today and is often able to relieve a multitude of health issues for our patients. Give us a call today to see if an extraction may be the right choice for you.

Can Sedation Dentistry Help with Anxiety Over Your Next Visit?

November 22, 2020

Can Sedation Dentistry Help with Anxiety Over Your Next Visit?

For millions of patients, the very thought of a visit to the dentist can cause anxiety of all levels. In fact, many people experience such high levels of anxiety over a dental appointment that it can keep them from seeking essential professional oral care altogether. Whether the thought of a trip to the dentist causes minor discomfort or major anxiety, sedation dentistry could be a viable solution for you.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is often confused with general anesthesia, but the process generally allows for patients to remain awake, yet calm, during their visit. With sedation dentistry, patients are given a carefully monitored dose of medication that simply induces a sedative – yet conscious – state.

In most cases, minimal sedation levels are more than sufficient to help put patients at ease while they’re in for their appointment, but it’s important to note there are several levels of sedation available as needed. Since not every case is the same, some may require a deeper state of sedation than others. For this reason, there are multiple options to help patients relax:

  • Minimal sedation is most commonly used among patients. This type allows clients to remain in a calm, relaxed state while staying fully awake during their visit.
  • Moderate sedation can be used for those who experience higher levels of anxiety surrounding their dental visit. This option allows for patients to remain conscious but will cause slurred speech and a general sense of confusion and inability to recall the process.
  • Deep sedation is similar to general anesthesia in the sense that you will be in a state of deep relaxation that is close to being asleep. The main difference is that this process will allow for a quicker awakening once the procedure is complete.

Sedation and Anxiety

For those who experience various levels of anxiety surrounding dental procedures, sedation dentistry can be a viable option to help relieve the stressors that keep you from getting much needed oral care. Here at our DeSoto office, we believe in providing our patients with the most informative services in order to ensure the highest level of comfort available.

With several levels of sedation dentistry available to help ease your anxiety, our staff is here to provide the most comfortable dental experience possible. Our sedation options are used in conjunction with localized anesthesia as needed in order to manage not just your anxiety, but also, any potential pain or physical discomfort during certain procedures.

Finding Comfortable Dentistry Near You

Our office in Lancaster has utilized sedation dentistry to help keep our patients at ease for years. Whether our patients come to us with concerns such as:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Major dental work needs
  • Extreme anxiety over dental work
  • Painful previous experiences from other offices
  • Trouble with gagging

We are here to help with the perfect solution for each and every one. We are dedicated to providing not just the most innovative and knowledgeable services, but the most comfortable and gentle dental experience as well. Give us a call today to see how sedation dentistry could be a solution for your dental stressors.

What to Know When Choosing the Right Family Dentist

October 29, 2020

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What to Know When Choosing the Right Family Dentist

When it’s time to search for a new family dentist, you may find yourself wondering how in the world you should go about narrowing the list and finding the right choice for your household. With so many options to choose from, knowing how to locate the perfect fit with a new dental professional can be a daunting task. That’s why our DeSoto dental professionals put every effort into making things easy for our patients – both new and continuing!

The Basics of Choosing the Right Dental Professional

Searching for the best family dentist can be confusing if you’re not sure what to look for. The right professional isn’t always (and shouldn’t be) as simple as choosing the first name you come across in the phone book or online search. There are many factors to consider that will help you narrow your list of options to one that’s tailored to your family’s specific oral hygiene needs. While there are a number of things to consider, here is a look at some of the most basic issues to keep in mind when shopping for a new family dentist:

  • Do they offer the specific family services you need (emergency dentistry, sedative dentistry, etc.)?
  • Do they accept your insurance and/or are they in your covered insurance network?
  • Are they highly recommended by your friends and family and their other patients?
  • Are they accepting new patients?
  • Are they properly licensed and devoted to on-going certifications and education?

The Next Steps

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential new family dentists, it’s time to take a more detailed look at your options. There are a few ways you can get to know a respective oral professional before committing to patient status – all of which will help you gain a better feel for how well they fit with your family’s needs and dynamics.

In the Lancaster area, there are a wide range of dental professionals to choose from. Taking a deeper look at your options will help you land the perfect fit for your family. To do this, explore the information provided on their websites in great detail. Check to see that they are properly accredited, look for online reviews to hear what their previous patients have to say about their own experiences, and note their available services.

Schedule a Visit

After doing some diligent online research, the next step is to make some phone calls and plan a visit. Call around to those dental professionals who have made your short list, and don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions when you call. Take note of the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff members you have contact with. If you decide to visit the location in person for the initial contact, that’s an excellent way to gauge the cleanliness and professionalism of the office atmosphere.

Above all, the most important thing to consider when choosing a new family dental practitioner is to ensure they are the right fit for your specific family needs. Meet them. Talk to them. Ask lots of questions about their services and credentials. Just as you would any other professional service, doing your homework will help you land the perfect choice for your household.

Preparing for Cosmetic Dentistry: What to Expect

October 15, 2020

Preparing for Cosmetic Dentistry: What to Expect

If you’re considering having some cosmetic dentistry performed, chances are, you have questions. Often times our patients come to us with concerns about cost, recovery times, result expectations, and many other things they are considering prior to an upcoming procedure – all of which are excellent questions! Whether you’re in the beginning stages and searching for the best dental office in DeSoto to perform your elected dental service, or you’ve been a patient for years and are looking to have some additional work done, we’re here to help!

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

For starters, one of the first things to understand is simply – what is cosmetic dentistry? Since different offices offer different procedures and services, it’s important to know exactly what your dentist can do before deciding which option is best for you.

Cosmetic dentistry is essentially an elective procedure that involves improving the overall healthy appearance of your smile. These services involve a wide range of options that can be tailored to your specific needs. At Lancaster Family Smiles, our team offers exceptional cosmetic dentistry practices that include:

  • Gum line recontouring
  • Gap corrections with bonding procedures
  • Straightening options such as Invisalign, BioClear, and traditional braces
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Professional cleaning and whitening treatments
  • Filling replacements to match your teeth

What to Know Before Your Procedure

Once you have discussed your viable options with your family dentist and come up with the right solution for your needs, it’s important to prepare by asking questions. Your trusted oral care professional should walk you through the steps from how to prepare for your upcoming procedure to tips for optimal recovery afterwards. It’s also imperative, however, for you to speak up with questions on anything you don’t understand.

Some of the most common questions and concerns we are asked by our patients prior to their cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

  • Is this procedure covered by my dental insurance?
  • Have others had great success with this procedure or service?
  • Can I see images of previous patients’ successes?
  • Will this be painful and/or how can I manage the recovery process?
  • Do I need to be sedated for this procedure?
  • How can I prepare for my treatment or procedure?

Preparing for Your Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

After you’ve made the decision to schedule your elected cosmetic procedure, it’s best to begin preparations to ensure the smoothest service and recovery possible. Depending on which treatment you are seeking, your preparations could be minor or very complex. While your family dentist will be able to help you outline your preparations, here are a few of the most important steps to take prior to any cosmetic dentistry procedure:

  • Call your insurance agency. Being surprised by high dental bills for something that your insurance didn’t cover is never a good thing. Always ensure you call to verify what procedures are (and are not) covered by your insurance before scheduling the service.
  • Plan for down time. If you’re having a more extensive procedure done, you will want to plan for recovery time as needed. This may mean scheduling time off of work or other responsibilities.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders. The most important step to ensure a healthy recovery process (and to allow optimal results), is to follow all advice given by your family dentist.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe? What to Know and How to Prepare for Your Procedure

September 30, 2020

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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe? What to Know and How to Prepare for Your Procedure

Many of our patients at our DeSoto location come to us with questions surrounding the risks and benefits of sedation dentistry. While there are many reasons sedation may be offered for dentistry practices, all revolve around the comfort and well-being of you – the patient. As such, we are committed to keeping our patients informed of all of their options for any upcoming appointment, as well as helping you make the right decision for yourself by educating you on every aspect. To do this, we offer a variety of sedation options which we explain in detail prior to your appointment.

Exploring Sedation Options with Your Family Dentist

Whether you’re considering sedation for an upcoming major dental procedure, or you’re interested in how it can help with anxiety over a dentistry visit, we’re here to help. As your family dentist, our focus is on providing you with the most caring and comprehensive oral care practices, and that includes ensuring your level of comfort while in our care and also during recovery processes. Sedation often plays a major role in this part.

Before making any decisions surrounding sedation, it’s important to make sure you have all of the information in order to make the right choice for your needs. For starters, there are a few different options in terms of sedation that offer varying levels of comfort and relaxation. These options include prescription medications taken in advance, nitrous oxide treatments, IV sedation, and even a combination of methods is sometimes in order.

The Pros and Cons of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is often thought of for major procedures such as tooth extraction, root canals, and other, more intense oral services, but the truth is, it is also often used to help patients who suffer from anxiety prior to any dental appointment. One of the best ways to determine which option is right for you, is by taking a look at the pros and cons of each option.

  • Prescription Medication. In some cases, Dr. Gupta can provide a prescription sedative to be taken orally prior to arriving for your appointment. The positives with this allow you to be fully relaxed from the moment you arrive. On the flip side, it will require you to have someone with you to drive you to your appointment as it will impair your ability to drive.
  • Nitrous Oxide. Perhaps the most commonly known sedative, nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) is frequently used for its effectiveness (can be administered as long as needed) and for its ability to wear off quickly. On the downside, the calming effects are limited to the time of administration only.
  • IV Administration. This version is a sedative given intravenously and is popular for its ability to be adjusted as needed. This method, however, will require patients to have someone drive them home afterwards as the effects do not wear off as soon as others.

Call Us at Our DeSoto Location to See If Sedation Is Right for You

If you’re wondering if sedation dentistry could help get you through your upcoming procedure or help with any anxiety you may be experiencing surrounding dental visits, we’re happy to help walk you through the process. Give us a call or visit our DeSoto location today to find out more!

Academy of General Dentistry Fellowship: Our Commitment to Continuing Education

September 22, 2020

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On behalf of our team of professionals at Lancaster Smiles, we would like to congratulate Dr. Gupta on earning her Fellowship accreditation with the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)! Her latest achievement speaks volumes to the degree of dedication our practice puts forth to continuing our knowledge of dental practices in order to provide our patients with the absolute best possible care available today. Here’s a little bit about what this certification entails and what it means to our patients and practice going forward:

What Is an AGD Fellowship?

Since 1952, the Academy of General Dentistry has been helping dental professionals across the country to continue their education efforts in order to stay abreast of the latest advancements and technology in the field. Dedicated to the advocacy for continual learning, the foundation offers a fellowship program to recognize those professionals who meet their exceptional criteria for professional training and advancement practices. In fact, their criteria are so exceptional, only 6% of general dentistry professionals in the United States and Canada combined, have achieved the coveted fellowship award.

How Is This Achievement Earned?

We are extremely proud to announce that Dr. Gupta’s dedication to continuing education has earned her this fellowship, and a place among the top 6% of dental professionals in the nation. This has been an achievement that demanded years of ongoing educational courses as well as a commitment to meeting the fellowship requirements. In order to earn this exceptional accreditation, your family dentist has undergone vigorous training and AGD testing that has included:

  • Completion of 500 hours of course specified continued education (CE) programs and studies. This is a commitment of 500 educational hours beyond her licensing and degree requirements in order to stay current on the most advanced dental breakthroughs of the day.
  • Maintain all proper licensing as well as maintain an AGD membership in excellent standing for a minimum of three years prior to the fellowship award.
  • Successful completion (passing grade) of the 3-hour long fellowship examination following the 500 hours of CE. This examination is an extensive compilation of the latest dental professional intel of the day and requires a solid grasp of all CE obtained during that time.

What an AGD Fellowship Means to Our Lancaster Smiles Friends and Families

Dr. Gupta and staff are all deeply committed to offering the most comprehensive and caring dental services in the area. It is this commitment that has led to her continued dedication to CE courses and achieving the AGD fellowship as a way to provide our patients with the best, most knowledgeable care. We’d like to extend our congratulations again to Dr. Gupta for this impressive achievement as we let our family of patients know how committed we are to stay at the top of our field – for you, our patients! This latest achievement is just one of the many ways your local family dentist is ensuring you receive top-notch care at every appointment, and now she has the fellowship award to show for this dedication!

Searching for the Best DeSoto Dentist? Give Us a Call Today!

September 16, 2020

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Searching for the Best DeSoto Dentist? Give Us a Call Today!

When it comes to the oral health of your family members, it’s important to know you have chosen the best DeSoto dentist to manage their care. For years, Dr. Gupta and staff have been welcoming patients of all ages for the most trusted, caring, and gentle dental procedures around. We take great pride in offering our patients cutting edge technology, highly efficient procedural protocols, and a warm, compassionate approach with each of our clients.

Our Dentist Services in Lancaster

At Lancaster Family Smiles, we understand that in order to provide our patients with the best possible care, we must stay current with all of the latest technological and medical advancements in the field. That’s why we continually strive to offer state of the art procedures and equipment that are specifically designed to both simplify your oral procedures as well as being minimally invasive and aiding with recovery times for more in-depth practices. When it comes to dentist services in Lancaster, you can rest assured, our staff is among the most qualified and trusted group of professionals around!

Our DeSoto Dentist Understands Efficiency

In addition to simplifying complex procedures and improving overall healing and recovery measures, our advanced services and equipment also allow for a highly efficient practice. We understand that your time is quite valuable – that’s why we focus on giving you the best possible care without any unnecessary waiting around. Our goal is to give you a warm welcome as well as a comprehensive and focused professional service, using the latest in cutting edge technology in order to have you back on your way in no time – every time you see us.

Efficiency is more than simply getting you in and out of your appointment in a timely fashion, however. As we said, our staff understands that your time is valuable, so we make sure our availability meets whatever your needs may be. We know missing work or school isn’t always a feasible option. That’s why we offer the same caliber of services to all of our patients, 7 days a week. Our hours of availability ensure we are here for you, whenever you can fit us into your schedule – not the other way around.

Your Most Trusted and Compassionate Choice for Dentist Services

Our highly trained staff members have been focused on providing the best possible dental care in the Lancaster and DeSoto areas for years. We are passionate about what we do and work hard to be the most trusted dental professionals around. Your family’s oral health and comfort is our number one priority, and we strive to be the best in the business because that’s what we want for our own families. It’s because of this that we are deeply proud of our consistent 5-star ratings and glowing reviews by our patients, and we look forward to continuing to offer the highest level of care possible for many years to come!

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