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Our Preventive Dentist Protects Lancaster Smiles

Lancaster Preventive Dentistry young man biting appleWhen it comes to the oral health of you and your family, having dental problems treated right away is very important – but wouldn’t it be even better if we could help you stop those problems from happening in the first place? At Lancaster Family Smiles, our team’s dedication to preventive care can make that goal a reality for patients of all ages. Dr. Mahima Gupta can provide in-depth check-ups, refreshing hygiene, and other services designed to protect natural teeth and help them last for years to come. Please contact our Lancaster, TX office today if you have any questions about our services or you’re ready to schedule a first appointment for you or a loved one! We welcome new patients from all over the Dallas area.

Your First Visit

We look forward to meeting you! That’ll be our team’s top priority at your initial appointment – learning everything we can about your unique dental needs, personal goals, and personality. Dr. Gupta believes in the power of individualized care, and this information is sure to help us help you feel right at home. During this visit, we’ll perform a comprehensive exam that includes digital X-rays, a thorough visual inspection, periodontal screenings, and more. Then, we review the results with you and recommend possible treatment solutions that will restore your smile’s full health and happiness.

Check-ups & Cleanings

We recommend that patients of all ages attend at least two check-ups and cleanings a year at Lancaster Family Smiles. Even those who brush and floss diligently fall victim to dental problems that linger under the surface and out of sight – these visits allow our team to provide professional maintenance and locate even the smallest concerns before they have a chance to cause significant damage.

After your check-up, we perform a professional cleaning that removes potentially dangerous plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums. Our team will use advanced sonic technology and state-of-the-art laser treatment to decrease accumulation of bacteria, resulting in better overall health for the patient. This process only takes up to 10 minutes, and it comes free with the rest of your hygiene appointment. We know you’ll be amazed by how fresh and polished your smile feels afterwards!

Children’s Dentistry

When treating little smiles, dental teams have to make sure to use a special touch. That’s just what you’ll find at our Lancaster, TX practice! From their very first appointment, Dr. Gupta works hard to help your son or daughter feel right at home. Our check-ups are gentle and refreshing, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for possible developmental concerns that could affect their growing teeth later on. Dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and other pediatric services are available to protect and strengthen oral health as the years go by. We want to help your whole family smile brightly!

Digital Imaging

Dental problems aren’t always visible in your teeth and gums – they can also be lingering under the surface of your smile, growing worse and worse without you even realizing what’s happening. Here in Lancaster, our team is dedicated to diagnosing these conditions as soon as possible for the sake of your comfort and safety. Thankfully, our digital X-ray technology allows us to capture exceptionally detailed images of your oral structures and use them as valuable tools for the treatment and recovery process.

Many older patients are familiar with traditional X-rays, as well as their many pitfalls. These photographs had to be developed slowly in a darkroom with hazardous chemicals, then stored in bulky filing cabinets. The amount of radiation a patient had to be exposed to was no laughing matter either. Our digital system transforms this process for the better reducing the necessary radiation by up to 90% and shortening the development process to mere seconds. The images are pulled up easily on our computer system and even be color-coded to help our patients understand what they’re looking at!