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Dental Implants in Lancaster

Losing a tooth used to be so much fun! Everyone was so excited, and you could look forward to a visit from the Tooth Fairy. As an adult, however, tooth loss is not nearly as fun or exciting. Nevertheless, there is something you can look forward to: replacing that missing tooth with a dental implant. Dr. Gupta and her team at Lancaster Family Smiles can take care of the entire process, from the delicate oral surgery for placing the implant to the finishing touch of a new porcelain crown or an implant-retained denture. You’ll never need to see another dental provider during the process, because Lancaster implant dentist Dr. Gupta is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of creating new smiles with dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

In basic terms, a dental implant is small titanium post that Dr. Gupta surgically embeds in your jawbone beneath the open socket of a missing tooth. Titanium is a biocompatible metal—the same material that surgeons use elsewhere to replace joints including the hip and knee—that fuses with the surrounding bone tissue.

What’s So Special about Dental Implants?

Unlike other tooth replacement choices such as dentures or a crown and bridge, a dental implant replaces the entire tooth structure from crown to root. The others only replace the crown, or visible portion. Thus, a dental crown offers stability that you simply cannot get with any other type of replacement. And dental implants do not have any impact on nearby teeth; they are stand-alone tooth replacements.

In addition, dental implants help you keep a more youthful appearance. When you have missing teeth or you wear a full or partial denture, there isn’t a root to keep your jawbone healthy. As a consequence, bone tissue begins to degenerate and your jaw can eventually look shrunken. Dental implants stimulate healthy new bone tissue growth, so you can look forward to having a full smile set in a full face, too.

What Do I Have to Do to Get Implants

For dental implants in Lancaster, you only have to sit back and let Dr. Gupta do the work. At a preliminary appointment, she’ll make sure your gums are healthy enough to support an implant. Then, the process of rebuilding your smile with dental implants begins. A small incision is made in your gum tissue and the implant is carefully embedded in the bone. Healing time varies, but typically requires three to six months. At the end of this time, you’ll return to the office you’re familiar with to have the appropriate tooth restoration attached to the implant. Depending on the extent of your tooth loss, Dr. Gupta will attach a single porcelain crown or an implant-retained denture.