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3 Signs You Need Veneer Replacement

May 9, 2022

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White front teeth veneers on model jaw

Porcelain veneers can potentially last a person the rest of their lives. You might think this means veneers don’t need replacement over the years. However, the truth is that they can and do break down in some cases. So, how do you know when (or if) to change them out?

The three signs below suggest replacing veneers at your Lancaster dentist. Learn about them to regain your white smile at the right time!

Stains Won’t Lift from Them

Porcelain veneers are made stain-resistant to whiten your smile for as long as possible. However, it’s still possible for them to stain like natural teeth. Refreshments like coffee, cola, red wine, and acidic foods can cause such staining.

Unlike natural teeth, veneers can’t be bleached or whitened. In most cases, the only way to remove stains from them is with vigorous brushing. If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably want to replace your veneers.

They’re Becoming Rough Around the Edges

While durable, porcelain is known to wear out and erode. Consequently, veneers should be replaced when they get rough around the edges.

As you eat or chew, porcelain veneers suffer from gradual wear and tear. After a certain point, this process can cause them to roughen and lose their shape. It could lead to cracks or chips in the veneer as well. If you start to feel uneven portions when you run your tongue over them, contact your dentist to see if replacements are necessary.

They’re Coming Undone

The last sign to replace your veneers is when they begin disconnecting from your mouth.

One reason this could happen is due to inadequate oral care. When gums decay from poor dental hygiene and gum disease, a gap can form between your veneers and your gums. Similarly, a veneer can start to separate from an enamel surface because of tooth decay.

Another reason for this disconnection is that the veneers weren’t installed well. Improper installation can occur when a dentist doesn’t file your tooth enamel rightly. It can also happen when they don’t accurately apply the porcelain layer with a strong dental bonding agent. Either way, the poor placement means there’s a high chance the veneer will eventually fall off.

With proper oral care, porcelain veneers can last quite a while — between fifteen and twenty years! Still, keep an eye out for the relevant signs so you can replace them with a better smile in the future!

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