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Are Dental Implants Worth Their Price?

January 6, 2023

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A hand holding a model of dental implants

If you know about dental implants, you likely don’t question their effectiveness. After all, these prosthetic teeth have a success rate of over 95%! That said, you may doubt whether implants are worth their high price. Perhaps you think you’re better off with dentures, or you want to preserve an already-tight budget. Whatever the case, your Lancaster dentist can settle the question. Here, then, is a summary of why implant cost is justified, given the treatment’s benefits and cost-saving ability.

Implants’ Benefits are Priceless

Taken together, the benefits of implants are priceless; they more than cover the financial cost. As proof, consider the perks listed below:

A Beautiful Smile

Of course, implants’ most immediate perk is the smile they give you. They fill the gaps left by missing teeth beautifully.

The natural, lifelike look of implants stems from their materials. By using titanium for the base, they fuse with your jaw and won’t slip or fall. On the other hand, implants’ porcelain is made to match the surrounding tooth enamel.

Easier Eating & Speaking

You might not know it, but teeth are essential for everyday tasks. People rely on them to bite, chew, and speak. As such, going without them hampers your quality of life.

Thankfully, implants help you eat and talk like before. Due to their fusion with the jawbone, they restore more of your bite force than dentures. Similarly, you can rely on implants to talk without fear of them slipping or falling.

More Youthful Looks

In terms of appearance, implants do more than just fill out your smile; they also make your face look younger.

Untreated tooth loss leads to facial collapse. Without teeth to maintain it, your jaw will erode, leaving your cheeks hollow-looking. Fortunately, implants halt this erosion by giving the jawbone its much-needed stimulus. As a result, they keep your face firm, full, and youthful.

Implants are Money-Savers

Even if implants have a high upfront cost, they represent an investment that pays off. In other words, they’ll save you more money than other procedures.

The fact of the matter is that implants (usually) have a long lifespan. They tend to last 15-20 years on average, or even 30 years when well-maintained. Implants can thus last a lifetime without costly follow-ups. In contrast, dentures only last 7-10 years despite their lower price. As such, you’d pay more for them over time due to replacement and repair fees.

To reiterate: implants are worth their price due to the factors above. Therefore, consider getting treatment with your local dentist soon!

About the Practice

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