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Post-Operative Instructions for Dentures


Immediate Denture Care Instructions

Try your best not to remove your denture for the first 24 hours after your extractions to help control the bleeding and swelling. After, remove your denture to clean it, rinsing out your mouth before replacing your prosthesis. To reduce pain and ease swelling, sip on cold drinks or crushed ice for the first 24 hours after your extractions. Additionally, when eating with your new denture, start off with soft foods in small portions.

Take any medication we prescribe you as directed and understand the your pain medication may take up to an hour to kick in, lasting for about 3 to 4 hours. That’s why you should try to keep ahead of schedule and anticipate discomfort. Avoid taking pain medication on an empty stomach and don’t drink alcohol.

If we prescribed you with antibiotics, continue to take them for the indicated length of time even if you don’t feel any symptoms. Women of childbearing age should keep in mind that antibiotics can possibly reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, which is why they’re recommended to use an additional form of contraception during this time.

1 week after your extractions, massage your gums thoroughly by applying pressure with your fingers multiple times each day. This will help firm up the gums and make your dentures more comfortable to wear. Due to shrinkage of your gums once teeth are extracted, a soft reline of your dentures is required within a few weeks, and then a hard reline will occur in about 9 to 12 months. These procedures are separate and not a part of your original denture fee.

General Denture Information

Typically, new dentures will require an adjustment period, where we work with patients to ensure the best results. If this is the first time you’ve received a denture, or if you’ve been missing teeth for a longer time, your mouth will feel “full.” That’s why you should start slowly with a new denture, chewing soft foods in small portions. You should also practice speaking with your new teeth because even if you’ve had dentures before, it can take some time getting used to your smile. Reading or talking out loud is a great way to get used to speaking with your new dentures.

It will usually take a few days for your denture to fit comfortably and settle into your gum tissue. After several days of wearing your new dentures, you will be instructed to return to our dental office for a checkup. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments based on any soreness, looseness, difficulty chewing, or other issues you experienced.

The most significant step for denture maintenance is brushing them inside and out. There are brushes designed for dentures, which aren’t as abrasive as a normal toothbrush. Avoid dropping your dentures while cleaning them—you can even place a towel or washcloth over the sink to prevent damage if them do fall.

Even with a full set of dentures, proper oral healthcare is vital. Brush your gums, tongue, and palate every morning before putting your dentures in. Additionally, choose a nutritious diet to help maintain your healthy mouth. Dentures can lose their shape if they are allowed to dry out, which is why you shouldn’t sleep with your prosthesis. Instead, put them in a soaking solution. Denture adhesive can often be necessary to secure your smile, but dental implants are an alternative option for ultimate stability.

Remember that dentures require regular professional care, which is why we recommend routine visits to our dental office for checkups at least yearly. This allows us to catch any issues early on and correct them before there is serious damage. Adjustments and relines along the way will ensure that your dentures remain fitting and functioning properly.

Don’t hesitate to call our dental office if you have any questions!